**Theo D.M. Loftis**
Writer ◉ Curator ◉ Cultural Practitioner

Theo was born in the South and lives and works in Philadelphia. Preoccupied by ideas and tactics behind resonance in art and writing, they work to disquiet, expand and share inquiry through interdiscplinary projects that spark curiosity and connection.

◉ Co-curating an environmental sound art project that complicates colonial histories in Lenapehoking 
◉ Curating public programming and managing a young artist residency at a Philadelphia public park and historic estate 
◉ Co-organizing initiatives for mental health and civic engagement with CRC (Creative Resilience Collective -- @creativeresco)
◉ (Slowly) working on a poetry manuscript, tentatively titled “Shimmers”
◉ Expanding an experimental spirit-making practice into herbal non-alcoholics
◉ Imagining frameworks for a spectulative taxonomy of plant textures (@touching.plants)

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The Trust Project (CRC & community collaborators, April ‘21) HERE
Recent article for REAL LIFE Mag (March ‘21)  here

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Background image: Christopher Dresser, The Art of Decorative Design, 1862