**Theo D.M. Loftis**

Writer ◉ Artist ◉ Maker of Spirits

Theo was born in the South and lives in Philadelphia. Preoccupied by expansive definitions of artistic production
(please consider text, object, smell, sound, taste, waste), they are dedicated to creating and celebrating work that harnesses poetics, play, attention and care.


◉ Working/learning at a local craft distillery with a focus on botanical and barrel-aged spirits ◉ (Slowly) working on a manuscript about madness and spirituality ◉ Making herbal non-alcoholics through a project called Fancy Alchemist
◉ Nurturing an obsession with plastics


◉ Making art with plants and trash
◉ Studying/practicing languages (mainly romance, some Russian)
◉ Reading too much poetry, not enough fiction
◉ Learning about collaboration and non-violent communication
◉ Trying to get back into sewing

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Background image:
Christopher Dresser, The Art of Decorative Design, 1862