**Theo D.M. Loftis**
Writer ◉ Curator ◉ Maker of Spirits

Theo was born in the South and lives in Philadelphia, where they listen. Preoccupied by tactics behind resonance in sensory experience (art, writing, flavor, fragrance, etc.) they work to disquiet, expand and share inquiry through interdisciplinary projects that spark curiosity and connection.


◉ Working/learning at a local craft distillery with a focus on botanical and barrel-aged spirits
◉ Reflecting on the intersections between art and spirits, as well as adventures in developing nose and palate on their intermittent newsletter, Artem Vitae
◉ (Slowly) working on a poetry manuscript, tentatively titled “Shimmers”
◉ Expanding an experimental spirit-making practice into herbal non-alcoholics through a project called Fancy Alchemist

◉ Co-curating nkwiluntamen, an environmental sound art project that complicates colonial histories in Lenapehoking
◉ (Slowly) building a practice of making art with plants


◉ Reading a lot of poetry
◉ Studying and practicing languages (mainly romance)
◉ Learning about collaboration and non-violent communication
◉ Trying to get back into sewing

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The Trust Project (CRC & community collaborators, April ‘21) here
Article for REAL LIFE Mag (March ‘21)  here

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Background image: Christopher Dresser, The Art of Decorative Design, 1862